Olympiastadion München

Olympiastadion München is located in Munich, Germany, with an initial capacity of 80,000. At the very beginning, the construction of the football stadium is for the holding of the 1972 Summer Olympics. With the help of John Argyris, the football stadium is designed by Günther Behnisch and Frei Otto, creating a world-class football stadium. Taking the advantages of a pit incurred by bombings during the Second World War, the remained pit has greatly reduced the construction quantity.

The football stadium turned to be the home football pitch of FC Bayern Munich after the Olympic Games. It is simply at the football stadium that some great achievements have been obtained by competent teams and various records have been created by young players. As a famous football stadium, it also could be used as a host for some recreational events and activities, such as large concerts and film shooting. In general, it could be regarded as a superb place for some significant international matches and activities.

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