Olympiastadion Berlin

The Olympiastadion Berlin is located in Westend, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany. In order to hold the 1936 Summer Olympics, it was built by Werner March in 1936. After the refurbishment in 2004, the football stadium became the No. 1 stadium of Germany, being qualified for many significant international football matches. Renowned for advanced infrastructure, qualified equipment and fine administration, Olympiastadion Berlin is widely regarded as a UEFA category four stadium, and a single most prestigious arena to sports events and recreational activities.

In order to creating an intimate atmosphere, the football pitch was lowered more than 2 meters by excavated about 90,000 m³ sands. In addition, some seats have been demolished and reinstalled at a different angle. The extensive roof could cover 37,000 square meters totally, with some roof-supported pillars to bear the weight of 3,500 tons. In addition to be a football stadium for international competitions, some recreational events have also been hold at the stadium, such as concerts of The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Michael Jackson and the like.