How do You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Personally, I think summertime is the best time for many outdoors activities, such as traveling, hiking, camping, fishing and more. Most people will choose to go some places to travel. Summer vacation begins with a wonderful trip. Travel is always a wonderful experience that you may never forget it. No matter you are alone, or together with your families or friends, you would feel happy. Next I will introduce you the best places you can go in this summer.

Italian Sardinia

Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It features an extensive coastline, mountain ranges and valleys. With so many beaches and sea caves, castles and Spanish villas in there, you will fully enjoy the beauty and its great food. The local people are really hospitable and friendly. Most people will choose to go to the beach to eat seafood and to swim in turquoise-colored sea.

The California Coastal Trail

The California Coastal Trail is designed to connect the entire coast of California by forming an extensive hiking pathway. It is not only used by hikers, but it also used for biking and walking. It consists of different parallel trails for different needs of visitors. Some part of trails is used by beach walkers, and other sections are for bikers and equestrians. You can ride bikes to set off near San Francisco towards Half Moon Bay where you can camp on private beaches and coves. 

In the central coast between Monterey and Ventura, slower speeds may get you off your bike, while it not just for a break. Walk around antique shops, ice cream shops and independent bookstores on Main Street.

Chiang Mai

Chiang may show visitors a more authentic Thailand. It gives you a respite from Bangkok’s chaos. Located in the mountainous temperate region of the country, it is a cool place for both climate and the overall atmosphere. Also, it is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Southeast Asia. You can spend a whole day lounging from stall to stall at the city’s many food markets.

If you ask which market is the best, try the night market at the North Gate or the Sunday Walking Market at Wat Sam Phao. If you want to see elephants, set aside a day to go to the Elephant Nature Park, where you can feed elephants, bathe elephants, and play with elephants. Besides, you can rent a motorbike and take a day trip to nearby Chiang Rai, where you can go through a range of new food markets and see the famous golden clock tower in the city. It may look good under the sun, but a variety of different colors of light will shine on its surface, which make it colorful and dazzling.

Above all three places are very suitable for travel in summer vacation. Well, there is one thing you should remember that is to protect yourself from sunburn. No matter where you go on a trip, you need to make yourself safe and healthy. After all, you will be exposed to the hot sun when you are playing on the beach or just strolling on the street. Bucket hat for travel is the best choice for your traveling, hiking, biking and more.

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