Travel Gear List

Most of us like to go on a trip with friends or families, while we may fill our luggage with unnecessary things, adding our burden. Actually, there are some things we need to prepare in advance. We can buy or rent some temporary goods in the travel destination.

Following we have made a list about some essentials that you may need for travel.

No. 1 Wallet and Passport Holder

If you are prone to losing things, you’d better buy a wallet-passport holder to put your money and passport together into a wallet. You don’t have to buy two wallets for different use, only one can solve this problem. There is a wallet-passport holder combo will keep your international ID safe and credit cards secure with the passport. The wallet is made of genuine leather which brings a little luxury to your vacation. It features folding design that offers plenty of room for you and your partner’s passports. Also, it can be stored with some cash and credit cards along with other small items.

No. 2 Phone Charger and Adapter

This led light plug adapter equipped with dual USB ports and it is very durable, ultra-compact universal charger can be used for iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, which is perfect for travel, home or office. The built-in green led lights make charging easily done at night. This dual USB travel adapter allows your phone and pad to charge at the highest speed at the same time.

No. 3 Hand Sanitizer

You’re going to eat on the trip and it’s best to wash your hands before you eat, but what if you don’t have a place around to wash your hands? You can wash your hands with this hand sanitizer and dry them with napkin. The plant-based sanitizer can effectively kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The sanitizer is a blend of natural glycerin and aloe to help skin feel soft and moisturized. Besides, this is quick-drying without a sticky residue.

No. 4 Skincare Products

Outdoors activities mean you have to be exposed to the sun and the harmful UV rays for a long period of time, your skin will be damaged if you don’t do a good sun protection. Meanwhile, you also need to take care of your skin as if you may encounter changeable weather, such as windy, rainy, sandstorm and tornado days. Skin care is very crucial especially for women, thus you can prepare a set of skin care products, such as lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, soap, cosmetics and other things you need. You can pack them in a leak-proof silicone travel bottle.

No. 5 Travel Hats

As the weather is so hot and the sunlight is really harsh, it is necessary for everyone to do sun protection. A good travel hat is featuring with sun-protective and waterproof functions. It not only used for protecting your from the sun but also can be used to block the rain and water. There are a variety of hats for you to choose. Well, it depends on your needs for a hat. The bucket hat comes with a moderate brim that can provide you with 360-degree coverage for your face, ears and neck. Usually, they are made of very durable material which let them can be worn for a long time.