Travel Accessories

The best thing is to go on a trip alone. Well, before that, you have to prepare a lot of accessories for your travel. Most people think that travel is an interesting and memorable thing, while sometimes it may be exhausting, frustrating or boring. You can change this situation or at least lessen many of inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparations.

Here we have made a list of some essential equipment for travel.

No. 1 Noise-cancelling Headphones

Maybe you will encounter screaming kids when you’re on a train or plane, or maybe you’re living in a hotel room next to the elevator or icemaker. You must feel restless.  A pair of headphones will help you rest and stay refreshed. Three levels of noise cancellation can provide you with a better listening experience in any environment. With simple Bluetooth pairing, you can enjoy music quietly. Not only does it have excellent noise reduction features, but you can also adjust the noise reduction level to better suit your environment.

No. 2 Neck Pillow with Sleep Mask and Earplugs

When you want to sleep on a train or plane, you may need a neck pillow, plus with a sleep mask and earplugs to help you sleep comfortably. Well, you don’t have to buy them separately, this kit includes a foam pillow and an eye mask, plus with earplugs which give you comfort and privacy. The pillow has an adjustable cord lock which makes the pillow stay in place.  

No. 3 Travel Camera

There are no other things can compare with taking a number impressing of photographs during the process of travel. This Panasonic Lumix TZ200 is ultra-slim, lightweight and easy to carry. It’s longer than anything you’d find on a compact 1-inch sensor, and offers great flexibility when you’re shooting on the road.  

No. 4 Sun Hat

A sun hat is lightweight and packable so that you can stuff it into your suitcase or your handbag. It also can be a decorative accessory when you take photos. A bucket hat is very soft and packable, plus with wide brim can offer you good protection. You may want to use the sun umbrella to protect yourself from the sun while the umbrella is cumbersome and inconvenient for travel. Wearing a sun hat is an easiest way to protect your face, ears and neck from sunburn and the harmful UV rays. Sun protection is very crucial for everyone.

No. 5 Collapsible Bottles

Travel means you need to spend for a long time in outdoors and you may get thirsty after walking under the sun. At this time, you have to drink water. Sometimes, maybe you’re traveling in a sparsely populated area where you can’t find shops. Thus, you need to make full preparation with a collapsible bottle. This collapsible bottle tends to collapse when you drink the water. It also has a sturdy grip that keeps it in shape. The lid is leak proof, and the silicone is easy to roll up and store. You can save more space by stuffing it into your bag when there’s no water in it.